What are Women's Divorce Coaching eCourses?

Women's Divorce Coaching eCourses are online, interactive video-based training programs to teach effective strategies for individuals to deal with the complex issues surrounding divorce.


Whether you are considering divorce, going through the divorce process, or recently divorced, our eCourses will engage you to think about the things you want to change and how you want to move forward.  The eCourses are designed to help you process the pain, identify your passions and lead you to a life of happiness.


The training is released in weekly modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos and worksheets. All of the training is online and contained in a private member only site. Students can view the training videos and engage weekly in online Q&A sessions during Latrice's "Office Hours."  During the Office Hours, Latrice is available to answer questions and offer advice to ensure that our members feel supported, take consistent action, and receive the highest benefits from their participation.


Jump Start Your New Life Seminar

The Jump Start Your New Life Seminar is a six week eCourse designed to help you feel good, get excited and focused on a bright future!   The course will help you move from...

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