About Women's Divorce Coaching

You want to receive the best outcome in divorce for you and your family.

To do this, you need advice on the people, the process, and how to create a great outcome.  You also need to feel strong, confident, and in control of your divorce.  But chances are, if you are reading this, you don’t feel this way.


You probably feel overwhelmed and confused.

You have read too many articles online.
You don’t understand what everything means.
You are worried about a fight with your husband. 
Your family and friends don't understand what you are going through.
You need more emotional support than an attorney normally gives, but someone with knowledge of the legal process.


I can give you the support and direction you need!

You can work one-on-one with me as your divorce coach. As a divorce coach, I will help you resolve bad feelings, discover your dreams, identify your direction, and give feedback on your actions and resolutions.
You might be hesitant to work with a divorce coach.  You may have not worked with a coach before. You are uncertain if right now would be a good time.  You already have a lot on your plate.  You think it might be easier just to go at it alone or with your attorney.
But, the unknown is causing you a lot of stress.   You know you need to feel more confident.  You need to feel prepared.  You need a plan for the future.  
My job is to help you by doing 3 things:
  • Listening to your problems.  
  • Identifying problem-solving strategies.
  • Helping you grow and reach your highest vision.
Using these strategies, my clients have received the outcomes they need.


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Hi!  I’m Latrice Milton-Knighton.
I am an award-winning attorney and life coach.
I help wonderful families (like yours) create solid plans to meet your needs now and in the future with detailed strategies for complex problems.
I believe strong families improve our communities and this is my way of contributing.
There is nothing I would rather do than help families feel secure moving forward.


I will always be a Champion for Families.

I work as an advocate for divorcing clients.  I serve as a Guardian ad Litem representing the best interests of children.  I draft wills to protect family assets and their children.  I expand families through adoption and assist with alternative reproductive technology.
Here’s the thing:  I understand that people want the best for themselves and their families.  But they may not have all of the answers to their problems.  I love to help clients come up with solutions that creates strong futures.
It all came full circle for me at the end of my first marriage.  I started the divorce process feeling overwhelmed with all of the questions I had: what was the process going to look like, what was I going to do, who could I turn to, and will I be okay.    
My experience made me realize:
  • You need a good support network.
  • You need a thoughtful plan to get through it.
  • You need an understanding of the process.
You need it NOW.  You know that every decision you make now impacts your future.
You Must Start Now!
Everything takes time.  You don’t want to be up worrying every night.  You need your questions answered and know what to do next.  You need information to rid yourself of the scary unknown.
Stress comes from demands being placed on us and we don’t know how to create a solution.  You want to figure it all out, badly, but you don’t have all of the information.  You don’t know the PROCESS.


I can help you!

You will understand the process.  You will stop wasting time and energy worrying about your next steps. You will know what you need to be doing and not doing.  
If you are ready to move forward with your divorce and reshape your future, I’d love to help you make it happen…
Or you can spend hundreds of hours learning all of the process, strategies and solutions that I did, but I don’ think you want to do that, do you?

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Meet Latrice Milton-Knighton

About Latrice Milton-Knighton

Latrice Milton in Cosmopolitan Magazine speaking about her relationship and divorce.

​Latrice Milton-Knighton is an award-winning attorney, life coach, and speaker.  She solves problems using her experience, legal knowledge and offering practical advice.  


Latrice has focused her practice on advising families on how to prepare for the life's changes through divorce, adoption, will drafting and mediation.  

In 2012, she was named a Leading Lawyer by M Magazine.  She was honored as a 40 under 40 Award Recipient by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2013. In 2016, she also received a Trailblazer in Business award from Governor Scott Walker.  


Latrice received her law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School.  She also received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology.  She is also a certified Life Coach through the CAPP Institute.


She previously worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee County and served senators as a Legal Assistant for the Ohio Senate.


Currently, she is a board member for the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin as well as an active member of the Trust and Real Estate Section for the Waukesha County Bar, and a member of the American Bar Association and State Bar of Wisconsin.


Latrice volunteers to serve victims of domestic violence and the arts as a board member for the Women’s Center and the Sharon Lynn Wilson Arts Center.


​Latrice has been featured in Cosmopolitan, the Milwaukee Business Journal, the Wisconsin Lawyer, 30 West, TMJ4, Channel 12, Fox6 News, and Hot 103.7...to name a few.

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