How to Prepare for Divorce

3 Steps You Must Take If You Are Ready to File for Divorce

Each day, I receive a phone call from a new person who is considering divorce and they will ask me at least one of these questions,  “What will happen to the kids?”  “Will I receive any money?”  “Will I be able to support myself and keep the house?”  “How long is the divorce going to take?”

On the phone, I imagine their minds turning a mile a minute.  They are trying to process every possible outcome in their mind. They want to know what the final outcome of their divorce will be - likely before they even file for divorce.


It is perfectly natural to want to anticipate the final outcome - we do that before we start anything new.   We consider the outcome before picking a school, moving to a new neighborhood, switching careers, or even trying a new food.  We make decisions based on the likelihood that the choice will open up possibilities and opportunities that we like or want.


The same is also true in divorce.  You want to make the best decisions during your divorce so that you have the best possible outcome for yourself now and in the future.   


3 Steps You Can Take To Get the Best Possible Outcome in Your Divorce


One of the ways that you can ensure that you get the best outcome in your divorce is to make some important, early decisions right now.


If you are considering divorce, here are 3 things you should do right away:

  1. Consider filing for divorce first.  If you are the petitioner (aka, “the person who asked the court for the divorce”), you get to present your side of the facts, first.  In high conflict divorces, presenting your case first helps.  

  2. Figure out your financial position before you file for divorce.  You need to know how much income comes in each month and goes out.  It will give you an idea if you can afford to live apart, or not.

  3. Get temporary orders or a written temporary agreement.  If you have an order or agreement, then you don’t have to waste time arguing about who pays the bills, who drives what cars, how you will share the children, etc.  while you are going through the process and waiting for your divorce.

These three tips will lead to less stress in the short-term and more likely you will get the things you need in the long-term.  


Preparation is the act or process of getting ready.


You can prepare for the divorce process.  You get the outcome you hope for by  making the right choices now rather than leaving it to chance.   


Question:   What are you preparing to change in your life at the end of your divorce?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.