How to Get Your Money Right

How to Get Your Money Right

3 Tips to Immediately Get Control Of Your Money

I always dream of having more money.  More money to save, to pay for more home improvements, to travel the world, and spend on a ridiculously expensive pair of jeans.


But, I sometimes feel that I will never have enough.  Not until I get a better paying job, finish paying off my student loans, win the lottery, or wait for my spouse to climb the corporate ladder.  It doesn’t feel good waiting for this outside event or occurrence to happen in my life.


You cannot control the outside world.  You can’t tell your boss you want a raise or you are going to walk out (but I definitely believe in asking  or “LeaningIn” - thanks Cheryl Sandberg).  It will likely take you several years to pay off your student loans because college has become so expensive. Unfortunately, you have less than  .01% chance of winning the lottery.  And while you hope your significant spouse gets a raise quicker than you have, it might take him a little more time with a little more experience.


And as each day passes, you will likely feel no better about your money situation and become more frustrated that nothing has changed in your life….yet.


3 Tips to Immediately Get Control of Your Money

You can immediately improve your financial situation by focusing on making some money changes.

If you want to feel more in control of your money, then do these 3 things:

  1. Get a handle on your monthly spending and saving (AKA “your budget”).  For many, the idea of looking at your last monthly spending is painful.  It is a review of the bad purchases you made last month that we either too expensive or something you didn’t enjoy.  You can do it.  Take a deep breath and review how you have spent money the last few months.  

  2. Decide to spend money on the things that matter to you the most.  You already know the things that you must have or can’t live without.  You don’t need sacrifice all of them.  Make a priority list and make sure you have money each month in your budget to pay for them.  

  3. Stop spending money on things that don’t matter to you.  It is less painful to stop paying for things you don’t like, such as going to a restaurant whose food you hate but your friends want to go there.  Make up an excuse not to attend.  There will always be another time to share experience with your friends that you like and fits into your monthly budget.  


When you do these three things, you will immediately feel in more control of your money and your happiness.  

Being in control means you are able to direct your own life or situation.


You are worthy of money.  You will be amazed that you will get more of it in your life when you have more control of the money you have right now.


Question:  What are you excited about doing and are saving up for right now?   Leave it in the comments section below.