3 Steps You Must Take Right Now - In Response to A Divorce

3 Steps You Must Take Right Now - In Response to A Divorce

You have been served.

You have the divorce paperwork in hand.  

It’s the paperwork that everyone receives when a spouse files for divorce and the paperwork that everyone dreads.  Once the paperwork is in your hands, you know you need to take some action.  But the question remains, what are the right steps to take?
Taking the right steps can save you money, time and stress.  Which are all of the things that you will need to reserve while you are going through the divorce process.

So, let’s break down exactly what you need to do after your receive the divorce paperwork so that you feel confident and in control of your future.  

3 Things You Need to Do to Right Now:  
1.    Talk with an attorney.  You need to know about the laws in your state, and discuss the particular facts about your family.  You should be asking about how to respond, the process, the people that will be involved, and the information you need to collect.  
2.    Gather financial documents.  You need to know your entire financial picture and confirm with actual statements.  Get your bank statements, retirement statements, appraisals of your home, valuation of vehicles, create a list of personal property, and understand your debts.  
3.    Focus on your priorities.  You should identify the things that matter to you the most and focus on them.  You should consider using the things that matter to you least as a tool to reach a compromise in your divorce.

“Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.”  Tim Storey

​Right now, the reality is that you are going through a divorce.  But your life should not be defined by your divorce.  It should be defined by the significant steps you take after your divorce, which you are preparing for now.

Question:   What significant step are you looking forward to taking in your future?